Venezuela: Brand New Decade; Same Old Tyranny

     The decade of the 2010s certainly seemed to close on a twinkling of hope for Venezuela. Spain ordered the extradition of Venezuela’s Ex-Intelligene chief to the U.S., while Maduro’s brother tyrant, Evo Morales, fled Bolivia after he was caught rigging an election. So, the times they are a changin’?

     Only for the worse: Maduro’s military minions won’t allow their bread n’ butter to come to harm, and in lieu of Morales, Maduro has Communist Daniel Ortega in control of Nicaragua.

     Of course, all this means is that Venezuelans’ once wealthy country will continue to die a slow death with a collapse of its water system, total bond default, hungry children, and being forced to rent caskets… though that there are still caskets to be rented shows that there is still a long way for Venezuela to fall.

     Those who protest against this are blocked… and forced to sleep naked on soiled mattresses.

     Will Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guiado be able to do anything… particularly when the last bastions of opposition to Maduro have been taken over by Maduro?

     As Livy once said, “Some day, perhaps, remembering even this will be a pleasure”…

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