California vs. Dialysis Patients

     In the campaign to “make healthcare a right”, the state of California is considering a bill that would… stop dialysis treatment to thousands who need it.

AB 290 will cut reimbursement rates private insurance companies pay to cover dialysis care. These reimbursement rates are crucial to dialysis facilities because Medicare does not cover the full cost of care for treating dialysis patients.

“Reduced payments may force numerous facility closures, especially in rural and underserved areas. As a result, many patients will be required to find new dialysis centers, some of which will be much further away from their current facility. In addition, less money will be available for dialysis providers to donate to patients that rely on charitable assistance, which helps patients better afford their healthcare costs.”

     It gets worse:

“At age 50, I depend on a charitable financial grant from the nonprofit American Kidney Fund to help pay for my daily at-home dialysis. Without the grant, I cannot afford the treatment. Without the treatment, I will die. Assembly Bill 290 […] will force AKF to cease operating its program in California, hurting me and the more than 3,700 Californians who rely on its financial assistance.

“This is because provisions in AB 290 conflict with the strict federal guidelines under which AKF operates and, rather than risk its operations nationwide, AKF will simply stop offering assistance in California.”

     Funny how most healthcare do-gooders aren’t the one’s who have to suffer from the consequences of the do-gooding.

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