The Call For Global Governance Is Real

     Transnational organizations, especially global ones, are run by representatives chosen by a nation’s government and/or bureaucrats. While some more regional transnational bodies such as the European Union have “Parliament members” that are kinda/supposedly chosen by the voters, such representatives tend to be of the “rubber stamp” variety.

     There is an open and ongoing movement to bring parliamentary representation to the United Nations, with over a thousand and a half current and former members of national parliaments from most of the countries on Earth endorsing such an idea.

“The bodies of the UN and international organizations are occupied by officials who are appointed by the executive branches of national governments. In view of the growing importance of international organizations and their decisions, this is no longer sufficient.

“A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) for the first time would give popularly elected representatives a formal role in global affairs. As an additional body, the assembly will directly represent the world’s citizens and not governments.

“Initially, states could choose whether their UNPA members would come from national parliaments, reflecting their political spectrum and gender equality, or whether they would be directly elected. Eventually, the goal is to have all members directly elected.”

     This isn’t some “black helicopter”/Stonecutter lever conspiracy, but an open call and declaration.

     But the United States of America wouldn’t participate in some transnational scheme where “parliamentarians” were selected, for example, from Congress, right?

     Wrong. This is already the case with the NATO Parliament.

     One of the interesting things is that such eventual direct parliamentary selection fits in with the proposed “Constitution for the Federation of Earth” pushed by “World Parliamentarians” which involved a tricameral parliament, two of which are national representatives and “people’s representatives”; the last branch would consist of undemocratically selected “experts” and elites, not dissimilar to what is seen in the European Union today—with the E.U., perhaps, serving as a type of trial run for a much wider application of such political governing precepts.

     Oh well, at least knowing that we are living in the Mirror Universe means we have scantily clad and sexy yeomen to look forward too…

     Your agonizer, please.

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