Pledge to Global Society

     An Atlanta school decided to sideline the Pledge of Allegiance and instead have students recite together, during their morning meeting, a pledge to “global society“:

“Teachers and the K-5 leadership team will be working with students to create a school pledge that we can say together at morning meeting […that…] will focus on students’ civic responsibility to their school family, community, country and our global society.”

     Considering that there have already been plenty of moves to push a “pledge to the Earth” and other such calls for such “global” pledges of subordination, this is hardly surprising anymore.

     At least in this case, the outrage was great enough to get the school to reverse course, though even then they tried not to mention the desire to create a pledge to “global society” in order to hide the fact that the mask slipped.

     Gaia will just have to wait for xyr pledged minions…

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