Nicaraguan Violence & Venezuelan Breaking Points

     Demonstrating in Nicaragua that when the going gets tough for Communists, the Communists get tough on the people—with violence. Not only is Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega happily massacring dozens at a time, but he has gone so far as to make the Catholic church an enemy. Seriously, how far to the Left do you have to be for the Catholic church in Latin America to despise you? It has gotten so bad, that even the European Union is recognizing that this horror needs to stop.

Pictured: Another Socialist Paradise (Coming Soon To Latin America)

     Demonstrating that a slower more painful horror is an alternative, Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela has left the people so starved they are butchering donkeys for food. Further demonstrating the bounty of socialism, public transportation has all but disappeared with “dog carts” filling in therefore.

     With inflation reaching one million percent, Venezuelans will do anything to escape, even if it means becoming victims of human trafficking.   Indeed the physical and economic damage socialism reaps is nothing compared to the human cost, which is not so easily repaired.

     But then, why should Maduro care? Despite destroying the oil industry in Venezuela, he still has a sugar daddy to keep him afloat: Communist China.

     Perhaps a breaking point is near: There was a (sadly unsuccessful) assassination attempt against Maduro that utilized a drone.

     This is likely not going to be the last attempt.

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