Canada Channels Monty Python

     The end of one’s life ought to be surrounded by one’s loved ones, when one decides to die… at least that is the shtick pushed by Grim Reaper loving Left…

     Death is allegedly supposed to be dignified and bereft of pain. Of course, this runs counter to the socialized idea that “everyone belongs to everyone else” and that once you die your body is to be used to benefit those whose survival is deemed to benefit the whole… at least in Canada.

     Of course, to benefit everyone, one must be free of painkillers and all the other things that might affect the healthiness of someone else’s future organs

“For one thing, the dying process becomes more medicalized. Patients need to undergo sometimes uncomfortable and inconvenient medical tests to see if their tissues and organs are viable for transplant.

“If someone is getting medical assistance in dying and wants to donate their organs, they have to be in a transplant-capable hospital, close to an operating room.

“‘We’re trying to reduce the impact of organ donation on the last few hours of their life. We want it to be a time they enjoy with their friends and family and leaves everyone with lasting memories, not of a hospital,’ says Dr. Adrian Robertson, medical director of Transplant Manitoba’s Gift of Life program. (Lyzaville Sale/CBC)…

“‘Most patients would prefer to die at home,” Robertson says. “So this is an extra burden to the patient. That’s explained to them, and in some ways signifies their interest in donation that they’re willing to forgo that part of the beauty of medical assistance in dying and take on this extra burden of donation.'”

     IOW, shut up and suffer so that your bit and pieces may be put to better use. After all, that “deaths of these patients have greater value than their lives”.

     In this day and age, one must ask: “Be there anyone in Europe who isn’t a barbarian?”

Death, Rx

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