Quick Takes – Emasculation: Of Male Privilege; Of Male Pronouns; Of Masculinity Itself

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Boys not allowed!!1!

     First, a little bit of mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Since in Academia is a preconceived axiomatic truth that biological sex is a spectrum and gender a social construct, of course “male” is the constructed oppressor class, and as such must, as an article of Social Justice faith, be eliminated:

“Two Seattle Pacific University professors contend that ‘white male privilege’ is the primary reason that few women choose to study physics in college.

“Rachel Scherr and Amy Robertson, both physics professors at Seattle Pacific, argue in the October issue of Race and Physics Teaching that physics instruction is currently unfair to women because ‘white male privilege pervades the discipline of physics as well as the classrooms in which physics is taught and learned.'”

     Funny how in almost all other majors, the gross disproportion of women over men is not attributed to “female privilege”…

     One way to get rid of that icky “maleness” is to purge it from the language:

“A professor at the University of Southern California recently published a ‘Diversity Toolkit” to help diversity educators fight “male gendered pronouns.’

“The Diversity Toolkit, created by USC Professor of Social Work Jeremy Goldbach, was released last week as a tool to help diversity educators facilitate discussions on issues on ‘diversity and the role of identity in social relationships.’

“The toolkit outlines six activities that educators can do with students, including one on ‘Creating Gender Free Nouns,’ which aims to fight the use of ‘male gendered pronouns’ by teaching students how to replace them with gender-neutral words.”

     Sounds like someone needs a lesson in etymology!

     And, of course, masculinity itself must be “deconstructed” (i.e. intentionally destroyed in with a presumptive and biased fervor):

“Northwestern University plans to double the capacity of the ‘men’s project’ that it launched last year to help male students ‘deconstruct their own masculinity.’

“Each quarter since spring 2016, ‘NU Men’ has offered 12 openings for a six-week program where men can learn how ‘oppression is impacted by their male or masculine identity’ and how they can ‘contribute to stopping violence.'”

     The balls on these academics…


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