Venezuela’s Socialist “Success Story”: Where Some… Are More Equal Than Others

     Venezuela slips ever more easily into the typical “success” story of all socialist regimes: Where the Nomenklatura live in opulence, and the great unwashed masses who are supposed to be the masters of their socialist utopia enjoy the lack of healthcare, feasting upon emaciated zoo animals, and the joys of hyperinflation.

     All this socialist “success” has wrought the economic miracle of… economic default and a bailout from Russia. Yet this oh-so-socialist state doesn’t throw out the dictator Maduro? It’s not for a lack of trying.

     Opposition was purged, and elections have been questionable at best. No wonder, then, why the opposition to Maduro doesn’t see any reason to keep joining in on this charade.

     This is the “success story” of socialism in Venezuela: Foreign economic domination, poverty, the death of democracy, and lack of any other freedom.

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