Yes, It Was Real Communism

     …or at least what inevitably happens when one tries to impose doctrinaire Marxist principles to create that fantasy utopia. Real Communism was tried, but because Communism is contrary to human nature, it inevitably fails.

     Prof. Jordan B Peterson points out the failures of Communism, and the hubris of those who think that it is possible… of only the right (i.e. themselves) person was in charge.

     Communism, like socialism in general, is a religious belief and if reality contradicts it, then there must be something wrong with reality…

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5 Responses to Yes, It Was Real Communism

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  2. avatar Jean says:

    My favorite bumpersticker:
    Communism that works!

  3. avatar Farmer says:

    TY for this Hat. Good stuff.

  4. avatar DonP says:

    In the Bible, second chapter of Acts, the believers in Jerusalem tried communism. The Apostle Paul spent most of his years on missionary trips raising money for them, and also told other Churches “he that will not work, neither let him eat”, ” he that will not provide for his own household is worse than an infidel”, and other similar thoughts. It’s been tried for real many times throughout history, it NEVER works.

  5. avatar NaCly Dog says:

    Communism. 146 years of failure since the Paris Commune. Failures easily seen today in Zimbabwe, North Korea, South Africa, Venezuela and California.

    We need no more data.