News of the Week (September 24th, 2017)


News of the Week for Sept. 24th, 2017


Gun Rights


Chicago Anti-Gun Advocate Talks About Why SHE Bought A Gun
Activist Camiella Williams is referred to by NPR as an “anti-violence” advocate, but she’s a gun grabber. She actively seeks to disarm the average American, and on one level, I can understand that. Williams has reportedly lost a large number of friends and family, and that would lead anyone to look for answers. Since the anti-gun mantra is the one predominantly pushed by the media, that’s what she was likely to find.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Global Warming? No So Fast Say Scientists!
The climatistas really are a fun and lovable bunch to watch. Also pathetic. They are victims of their own doomsday scenarios of inexorably rising greenhouse gas levels and the parade of horribles soon to follow. The Paris Accord, even if fully implemented, will barely slow any future warming accord to the standard climate orthodoxy (better known as “The Consensus”). That’s why the former NASA chief climatista James Hansen called the Paris Accord “a fraud.”

Is the Earth’s Climate History Largely a Fraud?
Liberals want us to turn control of our economy over to them, not because their stewardship has been successful in the past–heh–but because if we don’t, the Earth faces imminent climate catastrophe in the form of global warming. Some (e.g., liberal reporters) accept such claims uncritically, while the rest of us want to see evidence.



Government in Healthcare


How BernieCare slams working people
Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Act, introduced last Wednesday, outlaws private health insurance. Curiously, not one of the Democratic presidential wannabes crowding around Sanders for photo ops mentioned this alarming fact.

VA only filling half of its medical appointments while veterans wait for weeks
Internal Department of Veterans Affairs data provided by whistleblowers reveals the agency is only filling about half of its capacity to make medical appointments, even as veterans continue to wait an average of at least 30 days before a medical appointment can be scheduled.

Normalizing Suicide Parties
Back in the early 1990s, my late friend Frances invited me and other of her friends to attend her suicide party. We all said no with an exclamation point! Such a thing was unthinkable. We would help Frances through the difficulties in her life, but we would not validate her self-destruction. With those closest to her unanimous in their objections, Francies changed her mind.

Why Does Jimmy Kimmel Want Americans To Suffer?
The Graham-Cassidy proposal does not break ‘The Jimmy Kimmel Test.’ If anything, it more fairly divvies up federal dollars to the states.

It’s happening: Pluralities support single-payer, universal basic income
We’re not all socialists yet but we’re getting there. A majority of Democrats are, in any case.

End-of-life chatbot can help you with difficult final decisions
Could chatbots lend a non-judgemental ear to people making decisions about the end of their life? A virtual agent that helps people have conversations about their funeral plans, wills and spiritual matters is set to be trialled in Boston over the next two years with people who are terminally ill.

Hawaii Pregnancy Centers Go to Court Over Law Requiring They Promote Abortions
A conservative legal organization went to court Friday in Hawaii over a law that forces pregnancy care centers to provide free advertising for abortion.

Who Lives, Who Dies
Talk radio host Dennis Prager enlightens me in ways others do not. While most talk radio focuses on politics or news, his show is different. It does address current issues but also offers up topics like the Male-Female Hour that discusses gender differences. Another is the Ultimate Issues Hour that plumbs the depths of human conscious.


War & Terror


A Brief History Of How Tabasco Became The Military’s Favorite Condiment
Tear open any MRE and you’ll find a vacuumed-sealed meal, utensils, coffee, gum, salt, pepper, and sugar. But the holy grail — the thing that truly ties the processed food together and makes guzzling down that packaged, bland cuisine bearable — is that little packet of red hot fury: Tabasco.

German girl, 16, who ran away to join ISIS may yet face the death penalty as Iraqi PM warns: “Teenagers are accountable for their actions when it amounts to killing innocent people”
German 16-year-old Linda Wenzel was found hiding in the ruins of Mosul in July

Four U.S. Female Tourists Attacked With Acid in France
One has a possible eye injury.

London Tube Bomber Was Part of ‘Deradicalization’ Program
The UK’s “known wolf” terror problem has just gotten worse.




Third Night of Violent Protests: St. Louis County Police Officers Get Sprayed with Unknown Chemical
Several St. Louis County police officers had to be decontaminated by St. Louis Fire Dept. emergency responders on Sunday night after they were sprayed with an unknown chemical substance.

Truck Driver: “Overregulation” Means Government Literally Deciding When I Work, Eat, And Sleep
The Federal Motor Carrier Administration not only wants to know when I’m sleeping, resting, and driving—it tells me when I can sleep, rest, and drive.

A campus conservative’s year facing anger, doxing, and intimidation
As the protests grew, so did violent threats against the College Republicans and Madison, in particular. The group’s members were scared for their safety on campus. Madison and the rest of the executive board didn’t go out at night and tried to never be alone on campus. Many used campus security to walk home.

Waters to Sessions: “Now you know how the African Americans you disrespected feel”
Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) ripped Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday afternoon following reports that he was “berated” by President Trump in the Oval Office earlier this year.

Tillerson Says Closing U.S. Embassy in Cuba ‘Under Review’
The Trump administration is considering closing down the recently reopened U.S. Embassy in Havana following a string of unexplained incidents harming the health of American diplomats in Cuba, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Sunday.

Third World Quarterly publishes “The Case for Colonialism” leading to censorship demands
Demands for retraction, to fire the journal editors, even to fire author and to revoke his PhD.

Columbia allows students to vote on gender-neutral bathrooms
Columbia University students recently voted against a proposal that would make all restrooms on a dorm-floor “gender inclusive.”

St. Louis officers chant “whose streets, our streets” while arresting protesters
After a third night of violence and unrest in St. Louis, about 100 protesters marched in silence along downtown streets Monday during the morning rush hour. Once they reached City Hall, the silence gave way to chants for justice.

Pro-Antifa students give the finger to victims of communism
The president of the Clemson University chapter of the far-left Students for a Democratic Society group recently posed for a social media photo waving an Antifa flag in front of the Victims of Communism Memorial.

Likely Next Solicitor General Fought for Nuns, Against Disputed Obama Appointees
After racking up victories against the Obama administration before the Supreme Court, Noel Francisco is expected to be confirmed by the Senate to manage the Trump administration’s cases there.

Yale Ditches “Freshman” for Gender-Neutral Term
Yale University has taken another step to change the language there.

University certifies students as “Inclusion Champions”
The University of Central Florida now offers students a “Diversity and Inclusion Certification” as part of its “Inclusion Champion Program.”

Trump at Turtle Bay: “Make the United Nations great … not again”
Donald Trump got his first official presidential look at the United Nations yesterday – and the UN got its first official look at Trump, too. He’ll speak at the General Assembly for the first time at roughly 10:30 this morning, but Trump started off a week of intense diplomacy by demanding significant reform at the UN. Their history has been mainly one of disappointment and “mismanagement,” Trump told them in his first speech at a session on reform, but the potential remains to “make the United Nations great. Not again,” Trump emphasized

Activist in Seminar: All White People Are Racist and Always Will Be
It seems that after eight years of having a black president, we’re further away from racial harmony than we have been in the last 40 years or so. While many are quick to blame President Trump for the current racial tensions, they started long before that. Names like Trayvon Martin should illustrate that perfectly to all.

Prof: conservatives outnumbered because they’re ‘truth deniers’
An Oxford University professor recently suggested that conservatives are outnumbered by liberals on campus because the former are “truth-deniers.”

Dem lawmakers call on WSU to shut down College Republicans
Twelve Democratic state legislators are demanding that Washington State University “withdraw official recognition” from its College Republicans club, accusing the group of causing “harm” by promoting “hateful beliefs.”

Public university to host retreat solely for “Women of Color”
The University of Vermont offers students of color several racially segregated events, including an upcoming “Women of Color Leadership Retreat” and a “Sisterhood Circle” exclusively for women of color.

Students protest California gold prospector mascot as “icon of genocide”
Cal State Long Beach debates removal of mascot due to allegedly offensive connotations

University of North Carolina Continues Promoting Anti-Male Hate Propaganda
Male students are a dwindling minority (42%) at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, a Democrat-controlled institution which selected former Dartmouth professor Carol Folt as its chancellor in 2013.

Middlebury College Will Cancel Speakers If Students Make ‘Imminent, Credible Threats’
How to make the heckler’s veto a formal rule

Prof urges ‘destruction’ of ‘whitestream intellectual habits’
Professor James Jupp published a recent article in “Whiteness and Education” advocating for curriculum overhaul in K-12 education that teaches students to appreciate “critical race and whiteness pedagogies.”

‘White privilege checklist’ offered as extra-credit assignment
So-called “white privilege checklists” continue to surface at campuses across the country, and in some cases professors even ask their students to survey the list for extra credit.

University forces students to attend mandatory “healthy sex and sexuality” performance
Show teaches students how to “give and get” sexual consent

Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops
A man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test has lost an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the city.

Strange “ring comet” discovered by Hubble telescope
Hubble discovers a unique type of object in the solar system

Secret Facebook Page Reveals Marvel, DC Comics Writers Conspiring to Harass Comic-Con Conservatives
The comic book world has had its share of scandals, including the very recent and highly protested revelation that Captain America is really a Nazi, angering fans worldwide. Mark Waid, who recently took over the Captain America comic book for Marvel, has stepped into more hot water after appearing to call out a fan and popular YouTube reviewer for targeted harassment at this year’s Comic-Con on his Facebook page.

Betsy DeVos: Obama-era Title IX sexual assault guidance is revoked
The era of kangaroo courts on campus may be over.

Prehistoric “devil toads” with Pac-Man mouths ate dinosaurs
Researchers from the University of Adelaide are part of an international team that has been looking into a 68 million-year-old frog called Beelzebufo (Devil Toad).

Arizona elementary schoolers taught “gender-neutral” Declaration of Independence
Fourth graders at an Arizona elementary school were taught to recite a gender-neutral version of the Declaration of Independence after the traditional morning Pledge of Allegiance, according to one angry mom.

Professor who wrote pro-colonialism article asks for its withdrawal, facing blacklists
The digital mob has won this round.

West Point Grad Alejandro Villanueva Only Steeler to Come Out for National Anthem
Earlier today, it was reported that the all of the Pittsburgh Steelers players would remain in the locker room while the national anthem played prior to the start of their away game with the Chicago Bears. Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin explained that the team wouldn’t participate because he didn’t want to force players to choose whether or not to take part in a protest.


Economy & Taxes


Puerto Rico’s Fragile Economy Dealt New Blow by Maria
Chan Lo is racing against the clock to save thousands of dollars of supplies at his sushi restaurant in San Juan’s Condado beachfront community.




Tunisian women free to marry non-Muslims
A spokeswoman for President Beji Caid Essebsi made the announcement and congratulated women on gaining “the freedom to choose one’s spouse”.

Germany’s rightwing AfD party could lead opposition after election
Scandals have failed to dent popularity of anti-immigration AfD, which latest polls put in third place on 11% of the votes

Parliament gets ready to weaponize M-103, Trudeau’s “anti-Islamophobia” motion
Today the Heritage Committee of the House of Commons begins its study of M-103. That’s the motion that calls on Parliament to take a “whole of government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia.”

Canadian School Bans Cartwheeling, Because We Can’t Be Too Careful
Risks? What about the risk of never taking a risk?

Schools are banning best friends to protect students’ feelings
Members of the royal family aren’t often told what they can and can’t do. But just a few days into his first year of school, 4-year-old Prince George already faces a mandate: No best friends allowed.

DJ headbutted Australian PM because he “wanted to nut the c**t”
A DJ accused of headbutting the former Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott said “he had half a skinful and I wanted to nut the c***.”

The ANC and Ramaphosa’s 1994 plan for the whites
ANC’s 25-year strategy to deal with the whites: it would be like boiling a frog alive

Germany Elections: Angela Merkel wins 4th term as far-right enters parliament
Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc won 32.5% of the vote, down from 41.5% in the 2013 German elections, right-wing Alternative for Germany enters parliament for the first time with 13.5% of the vote




Public ignorance about the Constitution
A new survey conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center finds that most Americans are ignorant of many very basic facts about the Constitution.

The Trans Brigade Is Heartlessly Weaponizing Children And Ignoring The Consequences
Innocent, impressionable children can be molded into persons of deep character, guided by transcendent principles. Or they can be turned into weapons.

Getting Rid of La Raza
The government should not be in the business of funding ethnic factions, which only reinforce the power of the elites.

Anti-White Radicals Terrorize Republican Students at the University of Minnesota
Minnesota is one of the least “diverse” states in America — 85% white, with single-digit percentages of minorities: 6% black, 5% Hispanic, 4% Asian. You probably wouldn’t expect too much from Minnesota in the way of militant racial activism, except that it’s a bastion of liberalism. Both of the state’s U.S. Senators are Democrats, as are six of its eight U.S. Representatives. Bernie Sanders won the Democrat caucuses in Minnesota last year, and Hillary Clinton won the state in November. In the Trump Age, therefore, racial strife is to be expected in Minnesota and especially in the identity-politics bastions of academia.

Cassini was great, but we could do better if America wasn’t the fussy superpower
We could have had Americans orbiting Saturn by 1970, but we gave up.

How Segregating Kids By Age Led To Youth Culture And Fueled Family Disintegration
We cannot undo the abuses of capitalism or the sexual revolution without facing how much of the chaos stems from the decision to isolate children by age, to be cared for by strangers.

Are Some Cultures Better Than Others?
Prager U is back with another video that proves the idea of “multiculturalism” isn’t all its cracked up to be, and that some cultures are actually more productive, peaceful, and prosperous than others.

The Strange Case of Confederate Cool
Leftists love Johnnie Reb in movies and songs. But statues? Not so much.

Why The Word “Woke” Encapsulates An Evil, Self-Defeating Ideology
Salvation occurs as the Gnostic awakens (ahem!) to the prison house he is in and breaks free (violently if need be) from his prison.

When Opposite World Moves In Next Door
A couple of items from the passing parade

Remember Obama’s “Julia?” She’s Not Doing So Well
Do you remember Obama’s 2012 campaign gimmick “The Life of Julia?” It was an online slideshow (sadly no longer available) that demonstrated a creepy cradle-to-grave vision of government intervention as depicted through the life of one constituent- Julia. The idea was to juxtapose Obama’s policies with Romney’s proposals and illustrate “how President Obama’s policies help one woman over her lifetime-and how Mitt Romney would change her story.”

What American Schools Should And Should Not Learn From China
Since the high-performing East Asia region is dominated by people with Chinese-style education, does this mean that’s superior to American schools?

Welcome to our new authoritarian “tolerance”
If you ever wondered what life would look like under a Rainbow Regime, then just consider the following.

Disturbing trend: local governments engage in lawfare, suing public records requesters
“These lawsuits are an absurd practice and noxious to open government”

Sexual Revolutionaries and Cultural Marxists Infiltrating Our Schools
Concerned parents of school-aged children know that sexual revolutionaries and cultural Marxists are destroying our public schools and universities. But Charter schools were thought to be safe from these dark ideological radicals.

Watching The 1950s “What’s My Line?” Will Challenge Your Assumptions About Humanity
Just by watching an old game show, we meet a way of thinking about the world that is noticeably different from our own.

On the idea of punishing “the bad Samaritan”
We’re seeing the revival of an idea which was once mockingly featured on the final episodes of Seinfeld back in the day. While Jerry and the gang were cracking jokes, the current topic is far more serious. Florida is dealing with the repercussions of the drowning of 31 year old Jamel Dunn, which was filmed by some laughing teenagers who mocked him as he died, publishing it all on social media.

When Feminism “Succeeds”
What most people don’t understand about feminism is that the movement is entirely destructive in its goals. This is a consequence of the Marxist influence on feminist ideology. Any careful student of Marxism, and its historical manifestation in the Soviet Union and other totalitarian regimes, recognizes that Marx (and Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, et al.) did not begin with a plan to replace the capitalist system. How would socialism work? This was not a question that Marxist revolutionaries spent much time pondering. What mattered was the radical dream of destroying a bourgeois society that they condemned in toto. Destruction was Marxism’s goal, and what came after the revolution – the “dictatorship of the proletariat” – would just work itself out somehow.

Unlearning history
In some circles there’s lately a vogue for vandalizing or pulling down Confederate statues. The people doing it think (or say they think) that they’re striking a blow against racism. I think they’re, at best, engaged in a dangerous reopening of old wounds. At worst they’re threatening to inflict serious new ones.

News Flash: Boys and Girls Are Different
The World Health Organization wastes money on gender theory studies.

Ivy League Butt Sex and Journalism
When I worked at The Washington Times, our editor was Wes Pruden, son of a Southern Baptist minister, who believed that a newspaper should be sufficiently wholesome to be read by the entire family. There were certain words you simply did not use in The Times, and references to sexual behavior had to be phrased with discretion. Enforcing these standards of journalistic decency was quite challenging during the Lewinsky scandal, which broke two months after I arrived at The Times, and in my subsequent years as the editor of the “Culture, Etc.” page, I often became frustrated with the fact that I could not use direct quotes from some of the shockingly obscene materials that were funded by federal taxpayers in the name of “health” and “education.”

When the Mask Slips
I think part of the problem our “friends” on the left are having is that when the mask slips once you can hide it. When it keeps slipping it becomes … obvious.

Socialism and Sociability
Ever since Obama made his speech about how “you didn’t build that” because even if you build a business from nothing, you have roads, we have a curious madness on the left. Every time you say anything about socialism or mention that government is too big, you get someone yelling at you that if you want freedom you don’t need roads.

Jackboots in Rainbow Hues
I fled communist tyranny to breathe and speak freely, to live without the fear and obligatory debasement of paying lip service to evil. Don’t think me dramatic when I say the the Left in general and same-sex marriage bullies in particular have inspired a deeply unsettling sense of deja vu

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