Woke Leadership: Beating the S**t Out of White People

     A queer communist foreign national illegally in the United States has openly called for racially motivated violence after winning an award by the University of California, Berkeley for leadership amongst illegal aliens including helping fellow foreign nationals illegally present in this country with legal support and financial aid.

     Unsurprisingly this privileged little snot has, while basking in his power to flaunt the law, declared himself to be the victim.

“But I see how this fits into your agenda, and no matter what I say, you’ll write your article so that I continuously get threats for the next two weeks until white supremacist [sic] have another person of color to attempt to silence via virtual bullying.”

     He even went to far as to demand people help him break the law:

“‘My mom broke legal bounds to get me here,’ stated Prieto, ‘and that’s what we need allies to be doing.’

“‘I need you to break laws with us. Break the legal bounds, untie your hands because tied hands are not going to get us anywhere.'”

     cc: ICE.

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