Intersectional Racism Comes to the Gayborhood

     Owners of some nonprofits are being required to attend mandatory reeducation camps to correct the wrongthink of their “implicit” bias. The targets are the LGBTQ&c. “community”.

     Another case of eeevil bakers, florists, and photographers oppressing Queer couples’ weddings?

     Nope. This time it is the LGBTQ&c. crowd who have been designated as the evil oppressors!

“Bar owners and nonprofits in the Gayborhood must attend training sessions on fair business practices and implicit bias, the city announced Monday.

“The mandates come as part of a report released Monday by the Commission on Human Relations that found widespread reports of racial tension and discrimination in the neighborhood, which often touts its inclusivity.

“‘Racism in the LGBTQ community is a real issue. It’s a real issue in our entire society, not only just in the LGBTQ area or in the Gayborhood,’ Mayor Kenney said. ‘We need to do more to address it here in Philadelphia. We will do whatever else we need to do to see that the recommendations are adopted. And that possibly could include eliminating organizations who won’t change their ways by limiting our participation in their work financially.'”

     In this situation, at least. “Black” is considered to be higher up in the oppression hierarchy than “LGBTQ&c.”

♪ It’s a beautiful day in the Gayborhood! ♬

     But then, this is the natural result of whining about the “Kyriarchy” and “intersectional oppression”, whereby different groups try to gain privilege and power by oppressing other groups by focusing on some “kyriarchical trait” such as “straitness” or “Whiteness”.

     The proffered solution is to hate strait White people, and eschew one’s own “strait” privilege if they are a non-White strait person, or one’s own “White” privilege if they are a White Gay person.

     Of course, that doesn’t negate the axiomatic truth that a Gay person who is White feels oppressed by the “strait privilege” of a strait Black person, or a strait Gay person feels oppressed by the “White privilege” of a White Gay person. While both have “morally good” elements, those anti-“kyriarchical” elements are orthogonal to each other, and each group, then, is also an oppressor to the other, and must be punished by a Progressive city mayor just like a pure strait White Kyriarchical overlord.

     It becomes clear what the game of the identity politics pushing Left is: You are all oppressed and must overthrow your oppressor, but you are also an oppressor carrying an unsrivable sin. Thus you must continuously shrive for your unshrivable sin in order to liberate your oppressed and more pure self, setting up a dualistic view that is almost Manichean is form and spiritual function, without the possibility of true devine salvation.

     As is usual, beneath the seeming contradiction and double standard of the Progressive Left, lies a single standard that reeks of a twisted secular faith.

     Hat Tip: HotAir.

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