Macro-insanity of Microinequities

     More and more people, sadly enough, have become familiar the term “microaggressions“, which are “brief, everyday exchanges that send denigrating messages to certain individuals because of their group membership”. A new concept has now arisen to ellipse that: Microinequities.

“Two universities are offering faculty guides advising professors to ‘challenge the gender binary’ and avoid ‘microinequities’ in the interest of making classrooms gender inclusive.


“To combat the threat of being non-inclusive, professors are told to steer clear of ‘microinequities,’ which are defined as ‘small unconscious behaviors…that certain groups experience repeatedly.'”

     Though the change at first seems small, it is indeed a quantum leap of totalitarian proportions.

     The term “microaggression” assumes aggression is part and parcel of the act. Since those with “kyriarchical” traits (e.g. White, straight, “cis”, &c.) are assumed to exercise the privilege and power of an innately oppressive society that is built upon oppression of those with anti-kyriarchical traits, all politically incorrect statements and acts are considered “aggressions” because they are considered perpetuations of said kyriarchical oppression by sheer un-virtue of it being said by those with kyriarchical traits.

     The shift from “aggression” to “inequity” eschews the possibility of fighting aggression, let alone not aggressing, by the “kyriarchs”, nor is there any infinitely divided possibility that actual equality of outcome is desired, while demonstrating that the end goal of this creeping academic totalitarianism is a “rebalancing” to achieve a so-called “equality of power” by enforcing unequivocal inequality.

“This equality of power, though, is not just a means towards an equality of outcomes. It is almost axiomatic that through an equality of power amongst all minitudes, that scientifically correct decisions will be made that are of absolute moral purity. That when intelligently designed, such an equality of power will always be not only optimal, but morally absolute. Thus in this set-up, incorrect ideas will be discarded or even go unthought, while power, held in absolute equality, will result in the summoning of a dieu faux Volonté Générale that will reign in total righteousness.”

     Microinequities, thus, are a declaration that the mere existence of the kyriarchical “other” is an unredeemable and unshrivable sin, for which there is but one final solution.

     This will not end well…

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