From Yellow Stars and Pink Triangles to White Puzzle Pieces

     The College Democrats of Elizabethtown College have decided the best way to deal with a certain problematic racial group is to have them where a distinctively shaped and colored symbol to remind them of who they are and to teach to know their place…

‘The Elizabethtown College Democrats are launching a project Saturday in which they will ask students and others to wear a white puzzle piece pin every day to encourage them to think deeply about how racial identity affects their life, directly or indirectly.

“The project was borrowed and adapted from a Lutheran pastor’s similar effort in Wisconsin.

“Aileen Ida, president of the College Democrats, said she believes the conversation on white privilege


“‘This project will encourage people to have conversations about race and how their inherent white privilege has a part in the systematic oppression of minorities — whether or not they purposefully participate in the system,’ she said.”

     But it’s just Politically Correct fashion “flair” to demonstrate “wokeness“, right?

     We all know who else wanted others to wear pieces of “flair”…

     Hat Tip: The College Fix.

     P.S. The “Office Space” reference was prompted by a Tweet I saw in passing.

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