The Country Where Offensive #Hashtags Are Considered Worse Than The Sexualization of Children

     There is a jihad against incorrect words and even thoughts. It is considered so horrible, that the sexualization is not big deal in comparison! How bad? Use social media to express an incorrect thought, or other wise act in a way the state deems “harms” the legally protected, and you can go to jail. Create and distribute pictures of a sexualized minor? It’s not like they have to prosecute anyone!

     The country in question?

     The U.K.

“Internet trolls who create derogatory hashtags or post humiliating photoshopped images could face jail, the country’s most senior prosecutor has warned.

“The Crown Prosecution Service has published new guidance to help police determine whether to press charges against someone for their behaviour on social media.

“It comes after a major report found one in four teenagers suffered abuse online because of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or transgender identity.

“Cases of sexting that involve underage children should not be pursued for prosecution if the images are shared consensually between two children of a similar age in a relationship, the CPS said.”


     Oh, the punishment of doubleplusuntgood wrongthink is strong:

“‘Ignorance is not a defence and perceived anonymity is not an escape. Those who commit these acts, or encourage others to do the same, can and will be prosecuted.’

“Creating a hashtag to encourage an online harassment campaign, or pushing for retweets of a ‘grossly offensive message’ are given as examples of unacceptable behaviour.”

     Innocently retweeting a tweet that just so happens to have included a hashtag that some government official deems to be doubleplusungood can get you thrown in jail.

     It’s like the American Left’s obsession with “microaggressions”, but with a legal monopoly of the initiation of force…

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