Labor Secretary Calls Out the Brownshirts

     Obama’s Labor Secretary and possible Hillary Clinton Vice-Presidential pick, Tom Perez, has called for Hispanics to cause “good trouble” in the question for “social justice” over “immigration reform” (i.e. total amnesty).

“Despite being heartbroken over the Supreme Court’s split decision on President Obama’s executive action on illegal immigration, Labor Secretary Tom Perez urged Hispanics to ’cause good trouble’ to get comprehensive immigration reform passed.”

     More broadly, he stated:

“‘[I]t only strengthens our resolve to fight for comprehensive immigration reform — that is a “when” question in this country. It is not an “if” question in this country,’ he added.


“‘Don’t ever get down. Get up. Do what [Georgia Rep.] John Lewis told you — what John Lewis does every day, day in and day out, cause good trouble — that is what we have to do — that is the secret to our success as a nation,’ he said. ‘You are the gyroscope. Let’s together marshal the collective power'”.

     And let us remember, anything and everything is fair game when it comes to “good trouble”.

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