News of the Week (July 17th, 2016)


News of the Week for July 17th, 2016


Election 2016


Indiana re-run: Bayh to replace Hill in Senate race
Turnabout is fair play. Republicans got Dan Coats to come out of retirement to return to the US Senate after retiring as US ambassador to Germany in 2005. Coats only served one term before retiring again, leaving Republicans with an open seat to defend in what was already going to be a tough cycle for the NRSC. Until today, former Rep. Baron Hill was the presumed Democratic nominee, but Hill has bowed out in order to bring back retired Sen. Evan Bayh.

Democrats Recreate 1968 and 1972
The unrest on our streets has caused a number of greybeards to suggest we’re living through a repeat of 1968, and this seems reasonable enough on the surface. But the Democrats are also reverting to 1972 when McGovern dragged the party sharply to the left, judging by the results that have come out from their platform committee meetings so far.

A lot of holes in GOP presidential ground game in key states
Presidential battleground states were supposed to be swarming with Republican Party workers by now.

The Best-Case Scenario For Never Trumpers In Cleveland
A long-shot and unlikely effort could see a different candidate take the stage next week at the Republican National Convention. Here’s how.

FBI agents believe “inside deal” happened in Clinton email probe
FBI agents are reportedly skeptical of the law enforcement agency’s decision to close the Hillary Clinton email investigation without recommending criminal charges.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s VP pick
Gov. Mike Pence is dropping his re-election bid in Indiana to become Donald Trump’s running mate.

List of Speakers At Trump’s Republican National Convention Announced
A list of people who will speak when Donald Trump is nominated for president at the Republican National Convention has been released.

Should The GOP Adopt A No More Trumps Rule For 2020?
It may seem premature to be talking about 2020 already when the current presidential election hasn’t been concluded yet. But with the Republican Convention already starting the process of reviewing the 2020 primaries – a hotly-contested battle that suggests how little faith anyone has that a Republican incumbent will be running in 2020 – it’s worth asking how the party can improve the process and avoid a repeat of the ongoing disaster that is the Trump nomination.

FBI agents signed NDA for matters involving Hillary’s emails
In an unusual move, FBI agents working the Hillary Clinton email case had to sign a special form reminding them not to blab about the probe to anyone unless called to testify.

New national AP poll: Hillary and Trump now trailing … some other option
A zesty bit of data to carry us into the excitement of convention weekend. When asked to choose, America chooses none of the above.

Libertarian Gary Johnson is neck-and-neck with Donald Trump among millennials in new survey
Young people still feel the Bern

Donald Trump Won’t Be The GOP’s “My Fair Lady”
Republican leaders have spent months trying to play Henry Higgins to their presumptive presidential nominee. There’s just one problem: Donald Trump is no Eliza Doolittle.

Clinton Endorsement Backfires as Sanders’ Supporters Look to Jill Stein
Instead of falling in line, blindly loyal to Clinton just because she’s a Democrat, Sanders’ supporters will vote for values


Obama Scandals


AG Lynch refuses to say giving classified information to people without a clearance is wrong
During congressional testimony Tuesday, the chief law enforcement officer in the United States refused to answer simple question about letting people without a security clearance have access to classified information.


Gun Rights


Friendly Reminder That the “90% of Americans Want Tougher Background Checks” Narrative Is a Lie
There are some myths that just won’t die. Like the wage gap myth, or the exciting soccer game, some myths are so pervasive that despite having been debunked multiple times, they thrive like a Kardashian’s relevance. Nobody really knows how…it just survives.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


House committee subpoenas state AGs trying to burn climate skeptics
Two state attorneys general have been subpoened by the House Science Committee because they refused to respond to requests for information on their efforts to prosecute climate skeptics.



Government in Healthcare


The 15th Obamacare Co-Op Has Collapsed. Here’s How Much Each Failed Co-op Got in Taxpayer-Funded Loans.
Another co-op is shutting down, becoming the 15th to do so and bringing the total number of federal loans given to the failed nonprofit insurers to more than $1.5 billion.


War & Terror


NICE TERROR ATTACK LATEST: At least 80 dead as lorry is driven into Bastille Day crowd
AT LEAST 80 people have been killed and hundreds more injured in the southern French city of Nice tonight after a terrorist firing a weapon drove a lorry into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day.

“NATO will be punished” Russian diplomat threatens nuclear war over exercises in E Europe
BRITAIN and its NATO allies face the prospect of nuclear annihilation if the West continues to “encroach on Russia” with expanded exercises in Eastern Europe, according to a top Kremlin official.

Nice attack: Why the terrorists are winning the intelligence war – Spengler
Yet another criminal known to security services has perpetrated a mass killing, the Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel. Why did the French police allow a foreign national with a criminal record of violence to reside in France? Apart from utter incompetence, the explanation is that he was a snitch for the French authorities. Blackmailing Muslim criminals to inform on prospective terrorists is the principal activity of European counter-terrorism agencies, as I noted in 2015. Every Muslim in Europe knows this.




Breaking News: 3 Dead in Shooting at Michigan Courthouse
At least three people are dead at the Berrien County Courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan, following a shooting Monday afternoon, the Detroit Free Press reported. The situation was under control by 3 p.m., Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey told CBS affiliate WSBT.

Public university now requires applicants pledge commitment to “diversity and inclusion”
The University of Cincinnati has rolled out a new policy that requires faculty and staff applicants pledge their commitment to “diversity and inclusion.”

Oregon bias team to get taste of own medicine
A task force will investigate the University of Oregon Bias Response Team (BRT) to assess the threat it poses to campus speech.

Yep, Univision Killed the Onion
One must note that The Onion -a Univision property- is now parroting its horribly biased news division.

Univ. of Iowa faculty encourage students to set pronouns online
The school was the first in the country to allow students to identify as transgender.

Kansas State says it’s not legally required to police off-campus conduct, feds disagree
“Substantial control” over a “recognized fraternity”?

Mom of Idaho rape victim: “We’re being treated as criminals”
3 Muslim refugees charged in crime that shocked America

Sharia: Illinois To Create Official State Government Muslim Council
A Muslim council sanctioned by the government? For what? To insure that we adhere to sharia restrictions? To punish those of us, like me, who refuse to adhere to sharia law and its crushing speech laws? Why a Muslim council? Where’s the Hindu council, Jewish council, Pagan council, Church of Scientology council, Christian council?

Purdue may expel student who criticized Black Lives Matter
A conservative college student at Purdue University Northwest says he faces expulsion after his social media criticisms of Black Lives Matter were reported to administrators.

9th Circuit: It’s a federal crime to visit a website after being told not to visit it
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has handed down a very important decision on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Facebook v. Vachani, which I flagged just last week.

Transgender woman charged with filming teen girl in Target dressing room
Sean Smith, a man who lives life dressed as a woman and goes by the name Shauna Smith, was formally charged with the crime of video voyeurism in an Idaho Falls court room Wednesday.

College Occidentally turns student into a conservative
A former Occidental College student has abandoned liberalism, saying its intellectual homogeneity left him unsatisfied.

Social justice this year’s hot topic for summer reading assignments
Incoming freshmen across the country are being introduced to social justice concepts before even setting foot on campus, through increasingly prevalent summer reading assignments.

Books, newspapers deemed “privilege” at academic conference
Educators at a national conference are learning that people who shared bedrooms as children lack privilege, and that “enslavement era-like concepts” continue to impede the success of minorities.

Ahead of hosting VP debate, Longwood U to debut unique “obligations to citizenship” curriculum
Hearkening back to a time when a university’s main goal was to shape and instruct young people on what it means to be an engaged contributor in civic society and the body politic, Longwood University is preparing to debut a massive curriculum focused on just that.

McCaskill: Founding Fathers “Maniacal” for Wanting Separation of Powers
Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) called the Founding Fathers of the United States “a little maniacal” in their focus on having a separation of powers during an appearance Thursday on Morning Joe.

Bodycam Video Shows Cops Gunning Down Unarmed White Teen
Despite demands that he “Show both hands!” and shouts that “You’re going to get shot, man!,” a 19-year-old in California refused to pull one hand from behind his back or to stop walking toward police. Officers then shot him four times, twice after he had already gone down from the first two bullets, according to dramatic and graphic body-camera video newly released by police.

Explosion in Panaca
One fatality confirmed

Lincoln County bombing leads authorities to large amount of explosives in Kingman, Ariz.
Law enforcement authorities here expect an all-day effort to deal safely with a large amount of explosive material discovered in a motor home belonging to a man who was apparently killed in a Wednesday night blast in the Nevada town of Panaca, about 165 miles north of Las Vegas.

Deputies asked not to dine at Washington state restaurant
The sheriff of a county about 70 miles north of Seattle says a restaurant owner has asked that law enforcement no longer dine there.

New York Post: FBI Agents Tell Us Lynch and Clinton Struck a Deal on That Plane
Just one week before FBI Director James Comey announced the Bureau would not recommend charges be filed against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for storing and transferring top secret, classified information on multiple private, unsecured email servers, Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a private meeting with former President Bill Clinton on her private jet in Phoenix.

Virginia school district shuts parents out of transgender policy discussion, plows ahead
Fairfax County Public Schools is learning a thing or two from the nearby Department of Education on getting stuff done.

Florida State sought to “ambush” accused student with 47 new allegations at hearing
“Textbook due process deprivation”

California Department of Education Hijacks Elementary School Classrooms to Promote LGBT Agenda
Years ago, I remember hearing these wild stories about how all of California was on a fault line, or something, and one day, they would have a massive earthquake, which would cause the entire state to slide off into the ocean.

FRAUD ALERT: DC Schools Have More Students Than School-Aged Kids Living In The District
District of Columbia public and charter elementary schools have more students attending classes than the federal city’s entire population of such school-aged kids, indicating a fraud rate of at least 11 percent.


Economy & Taxes


Moldova Whistleblower Exposes “Bank Robbery of the Century,” Raises IMF Questions
As the West develops its strategy to deal with a resurgent Russia, more must be done to focus on the so-called gray areas lying between the Euro-Atlantic community and Russia: Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova.




Leaked document says 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve
At first, there was complete silence from officials. As rumors spread on social media, police had nothing to say about allegations of mass sexual assaults and other crimes carried out on New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne.

New Tory leader Theresa May vows to make a ‘better Britain’ as she prepares to move into Downing Street on WEDNESDAY after Andrea Leadsom quits the race for No 10
Home Secretary May will be made the new Prime Minister on Wednesday after Andrea Leadsom quit the race

Theresa May to be Prime Minister after Andrea Leadsom drops out of Tory leadership race
The Home Secretary must be officially confirmed by the Conservative party board

France is “on the verge of a civil war” which could be sparked by a mass sexual assault on women by migrants, intelligence chief warns
Patrick Calvar, chief of the Directorate General of Internal Security, told members of the French parliamentary commission: “We are on the brink of civil war”.

Palestinian children’s TV cartoon: Jews do Satan’s work
More incitement, in honor of Ramadan

In just 12 hours, more than 35K Venezuelans cross Colombian border to buy food, medicine
In just 12 hours, more than 35,000 Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia on Sunday to buy food and medicines in the city of Cucuta, when the Venezuelan government agreed to opened border crossings for one day only.

Misogyny To Be Considered a Hate Crime For First Time in U.K.
The police force in Nottinghamshire, East Midlands, will become the first in the U.K. to record misogyny as a hate crime in an effort to tackle the increasing number of incidents in the county.

Venezuela army deployed to control food production and distribution
Venezuela’s military has taken control of five ports in an effort to guarantee supplies of food and medicine.

“CoiffeurGate”: French president Hollande pays his hairdresser over $10,000-a-Month
As heads of state go, this one appears to be quite expensive.

Dutchman sentenced to month in jail for insulting king
A Dutchman has been sentenced to 30 days in jail under a rarely enforced 19th century law for intentionally insulting King Willem-Alexander, according to a court ruling published on Thursday.

Father is shocked to receive a nursery report that renamed his three-year-old son from Harry Moore to Mohammed Harry Islam
David Moore’s son Harry named “Mohammad Harry Islam” in school report

188 arrest warrants issued for members of Turkey’s supreme courts
Turkish prosecutors have issued arrest warrants for 140 Constitutional Court members and 48 members of the Council of State in the wake of Friday night’s attempted coup. Ten arrests have already been made, local media reported.

Why Turkey’s Coup d’État Failed
And why Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s craven excesses made it so inevitable.

Turkey: The sick man of Europe, once again
The outcome of tonight’s apparent coup attempt in Turkey remains unclear, but the motivation for regime change in Turkey has been building under the surface for years. Turkey faces a perfect storm of economic, political and foreign policy problems.




In Defense Of Dumpster Fires
Instead of attending the Republican Convention, Sen. Ben Sasse will “take his kids to watch some dumpster fires across the state,” his spokesman says. Finally, someone gives dumpster fires the credit they deserve.

Why You Should Expect Challenges To Secret Ballots
Tampering with electoral processes has always been a mainstay of mobster-style government elites whenever they fear the natives are getting restless.

Chicago, San Francisco, and Other Progressive Utopias
I spent the day in Chicago yesterday, where I lucked into my first ever up close up encounter with a Black Lives Matter march. (Photos nearby.) The throng blocked the intersection at Wacker Avenue and the Chicago River downtown right at the beginning of the evening rush hour. The police did nothing to disperse the crowd; to the contrary, they police enabled the march to proceed. One fellow got up in my face and said that my “silence is violence.”

Man-Hater @AlannaBennett Promotes #Ghostbusters as Feminist Revenge
Alanna Bennett is the kind of selfish feminist who attends elite Oberlin College (annual tuition $50,586) and then spends the rest of her life angry because nobody gives her as much pity as she feels she deserves.

After the Baby Bust
The Politics and Ecology of Zero Population Growth

Words Mean Things: @kate_manne and the Elastic Definition of “Misogyny”
Misogyny is “the system which operates within a patriarchal social order to police and enforce women’s subordination, and to uphold male dominance,” according to Cornell University Professor Kate Manne. Thus, a sentiment — misogyny actually means hatred of women – is transmogrified into a “system” through the magic of feminist rhetoric.

Why Are Progressives On An Anti-Christian Witch Hunt?
Mary Eberstadt’s latest book challenges liberals to confront the troubling—and revealing—implications of their assault on religion.

Reds Exploiting Blacks: The Roots of Black Lives Matter
The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) casts itself as a spontaneous uprising born of inner city frustration, but is, in fact, the latest and most dangerous face of a web of well-funded communist/socialist organizations that have been agitating against America for decades.

Queer Feminist @Girly_Juice Explains Why You Should Avoid Queer Feminists
Kate Sloan (@Girly_Juice) is an example of what I mean when I say every feminist’s ideal boyfriend is a Hitachi Magic Wand. She describes herself as a “Cis queer kinky poly femme feminist.”

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