How NOT To Teach Democracy In Schools

     The Left love to champion “democracy” and use it as an excuse to shove people into a voting booth like it is a clown car, because it is advantageous to them… until it is not.  Venezuelan President Maduro has threatened to threaten Venezuela’s legislature for daring to oppose his so-called socialist paradise… but at least he’s not picking on kids like San Francisco schools are hell bent on doing.

“An attempt to engineer diversity in student government at a public high school in San Francisco has drawn scrutiny from parents who claim faculty tried to replace an appointed student leader with another student because of his Latino last name.

“For the first time, administrators at Raoul Wallenberg High School decided last September to forgo the democratic process in student elections and appoint members of the freshman class to most of the seats on the student council. The freshman president and all student leaders for other grade levels were still elected.

“Part of the reasoning behind the change was to ‘encourage more diversity in our student leadership,’ according to Principal Cheryl Foster, who responded to questions from the San Francisco Examiner through a district spokesperson.”

     Of course “diversity” means different things.  Typically for the Left, it means less White people, but it would seem that Asian students are now not “diverse” enough:

“The majority of students at Wallenberg — 53 percent — in the 2014-15 school year were Asian, according to the district.”

     This, of course, is not an isolated incident:

“When San Francisco middle school principal Lena Van Haren saw which kids on her campus had been elected to the student council, she was disturbed at the lack of diversity among the winners. There were no Latino or black candidates chosen for the top four spots.

“Her concern for a representative student government, given the preponderance of students of color at Everett Middle School in the Mission District, may have been understandable. What she did about it, however, swiftly raised a different kind of alarm.

“Van Haren decided to withhold the results of the Oct. 9 election for more than a week, saying the school community needed to figure out how to have a more representative government.

“‘This is complex, but as a parent and a principal, I truly believe it behooves us to be thoughtful about our next steps here so that we can have a diverse student council that is truly representative of all voices at Everett,’ she told parents in an e-mail Thursday.”

     Because one can only be “represented” if someone representing you is of the same race… not if you agree with the represented or not.

     For the Left, “democracy“, is when the pre-determined results are obtained, not when the people in question actually pick who they prefer.  Incorrect choices are never “democratic” in their eyes.

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