Never Trust A Feminist’s Suggested Activities For Boys

     Looks like Feminists have suggested “8 daily feminist activities for boys“.

     Quite surprising that castration isn’t on the list…

     Let us take a gander at some of the “suggestions”

1.            “Mankind” is not gendered; neither is “humanity“.

2.         I thought that boys standing up for themselves was a display of the eeevil male traits of individuality and comparativeness?

3.         Men don’t make women shave their arm pits, nor anywhere else.  Women do so to attract mates in order to be competative.

4.         …

5.            Feminist indoctrination is not education.  Reading the veritable R. Stacy McCain’s “Sex Trouble“, OTOH…

6.         Of course you should appreciate your mother!  Even if she is a homemaker and stay-at-home Mom who is married to your Father.

7.         Most women like it when men offer to pay for the meal during a date, and other assorted signs of not being a cheapskate douche bag.

8.         Hold the door open for them.  Just as you would a handicapped or elderly individual.  If a woman criticizes a man for it, it just means that that woman ain’t no lady.

     Update: The list appears to be the same as a list put out by Feminist Laurie Penny. Whether it was created originally by Penny, or if she stole it, remains to be seen.

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