Quick Takes – Marx’s Revenge; Marcuse’s Revenge; Maxentius’ Revenge

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Take THAT Western Civilization

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     While the Soviet Union collapsed, Communism and it’s related ideologies are on the verge of total victory:

“You know how Karl Marx claimed that history occurs twice, the first time as tragedy, the second time as comedy? I have to say that when you consider the tragic loss of life spawned by the Communist vision around the globe and, in our time, the unintentionally hilarious nonsense engendered by the Frankfurt School (‘triggers,’ ‘microaggressions,’ ‘white privilege,’ the cult of victimhood and the rest of that crapola), you have to admit that old Karl kind of, sort of, got it right.

“Ironically, though, it is these later lunacies, silly as they are, and not old school Communism (which went down to defeat decades ago, not long after a Republican implored a Communist to ‘tear down that wall!’), that are helping pave the decline and fall of the West.

“In so doing, they are handing Karl Marx the posthumous victory that was snatched from his hands (symbolically, at least) when the Soviet Union fell.”

     Marx is not the only one smiling from the grave…

     Herbert Marcuse, of the “Frankfurt School” opined on “repressive tolerance” and “liberating tolerance”:

“The idea of ‘liberating tolerance’ then is one in which ideas that the left deems to be intolerant are suppressed. It is an Orwellian argument for an ‘intolerance of intolerance’ and it appears to be gaining traction in recent years, reshaping our commitments to free speech, academic freedom, and basic democratic norms.  If we look only at people under the age of 40, intolerance is correlated with a ‘social justice’ orientation.  That is, I find that people who believe that the government has a responsibility to help poor people and blacks get ahead are also less tolerant.  Importantly, this is true even when we look at tolerance towards groups other than blacks.  For people over 40, there is no relationship between social justice attitudes and tolerance.  I argue that this difference reflects a shift from values of classical liberalism to the New Left.  For older generations, support for social justice does not require a rejection of free speech.  Thus, this tension between leftist social views and political tolerance is something new. …

“[I]ntolerance itself is being reclassified as a social good. For six decades, social scientists have almost universally treated intolerance as a negative social disease.  Yet, now that liberties are surrendered for equality rather than security, the Left seems less concerned about the harmful effects of intolerance.  In fact, they have reframed the concept altogether.  For example, political scientist Allison Harell (2010) uses the term ‘multicultural tolerance,’ which she defines as the willingness to ‘support speech rights for objectionable groups’ but not for ‘groups that promote hatred.’   In other words, multicultural tolerance allows individuals to limit the rights of political opponents, so long as they frame their intolerance in terms of protecting others from hate.  This is what Marcuse refers to as ‘liberating tolerance.’ In fact, the idea that one should be ‘intolerant of intolerance’ has taken hold on many college campuses, as exemplified through speech codes, civility codes, and broad, sweeping policies on harassment and discrimination.  Students now frequently lead protests and bans on campus speakers whom they believe promote hate.”

     What better way to denounce “H8” than to censor something that has nothing to do with the purported victims of H8…

“THE Australian Army is removing the motto “In this sign conquer” from the 102-year-old hat badges of army chaplains because it is offensive to Muslims.

The move comes after an imam approved by the Grand Mufti was appointed to join the ­Religious Advisory Committee to the Services in June.”

     That non-Christians “chaplains” are NOT required to wear this symbol that has nothing to do with Islam, has not deterred the rampant insanity of Political Correctness:

“Despite the perceived crusader links, he said the motto actually comes from Emperor Constantine’s vision before he won the battle of Milviian Bridge in 312AD and converted to Christianity: “Jewish chaplains already have a separate badge with a Star of David, so Muslim chaplains would not be expected to wear the current badge. They would have one with a crescent.””



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