There’s A Violence Inherent In This Discussion

     A vile, obnoxious, and slander-slinging Social Justice Warrior happily offended Dr. David Starkey in a debate of Englishness vs. Britishness.  Bullies like her usually get away with this because their targets don’t stand up to them.  This time, however, the target stood up against her.

     At the end of it, the Social Justice Warrior cries: “There’s a violence inherent in this discussion.”  Note, however, that she begins to say “a violence inherent in the system.” and then checks herself.

     Social Justice Warriors have become a Monty Python Skit.

     Keep on saying how “oppressed” you are, SJWs…

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2 Responses to There’s A Violence Inherent In This Discussion

  1. avatar salfter says:

    Bloody peasant!

  2. avatar MichaelPn says:

    The same violence and hate you describe in the last paragraph is also inherent in the leftwing trolls on rightwing blogs. Just because you dont see it does not mean it isn t happening. And remember it s just a flesh-wound. Cheers