Queering the Bank

     Not to be undone by Chase bank’s mandatory employee survey that demanded that employees admit if they were thoughtcriminals who aren’t “allies” of the “LGBT community,” JP Morgan is asking employees to publicly display an “ally” placard, thus outing “H8rz.”

“Employees are being told ‘to help create an environment for open and honest dialogue.’ The document notes descriptors such as ‘wife’ and ‘boyfriend’ are frowned upon, and ‘partner’ is preferred. Not referring to your wife as your wife ‘offers up the opportunity for more inclusive conversations.’


“JP Morgan urges employees to ‘print and display your ally placard,’ which implies the recalcitrant will be noticed.


“A surprise to JP Morgan clients may be its call for putting ‘your money where your mouth is! If you know of stores or companies that practice discrimination, don’t buy their products or patronize their locations.’ It is entirely possible that some of JP Morgan’s clients are on the LGBT Human Rights Campaigns list of gay-unfriendly companies.”

     It’s not just enough to be tolerant; one must celebrate and do so enthusiatically.

     It’s not about tolerance, it was never about tolerance.  It is about raw power to impose their mores on you.

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