Special Little Snowflake Is Everything But the Kitchen Sink

     This mentally ill special little snowflake has self described as everything except the kitchen sink…

     Obviously intolerant of Kitchen-Sink-Kin…

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2 Responses to Special Little Snowflake Is Everything But the Kitchen Sink

  1. avatar Cato the Rebel Without a Party says:

    The rabbithole goes all the way down.

  2. avatar Puddin' Tame says:

    It should be remarked that the writing in “dialect” for “Slueth” and stilted “we” foolishness are a poor mask for the same general writing style *in all three*. In other words, this is shockingly bad RP – as would be seen somewhere like a back corner of Runescape or a bad Play-By-Post, done by this buffoon as a way of trying to convince itself and others that it has three personalities instead of just three arbitrary boxes to put its moods in.

    I’m not done. That fact, and the long, long list of “fictionkin” types combined with a very vague and desultory description of self in other terms, with the same ground retread several times inspired by fiction (I’M A ANGEL DOOD) proves only one thing as conclusively as the need for help – an appalling lack of imagination. If you can’t describe yourself without reference to 30 disparate fictional characters based on “I like that guy and he’s cooler than I am”, then the issue of being a headcase is compounded with “and really, really boring in real life, other than the whining”.