How is Heterosexuality Real?

     For some special little snowflakes, guys who think they are guys and like chicks, or chicks who think they are chicks and like guys, are mythical creatures akin to the yeti, a chupacabra, or an honest politician.

     When being “cis-gendered” and straight is a mark of moral evil, no wonder that kids want to be considered anything but.

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4 Responses to How is Heterosexuality Real?

  1. avatar Pooka says:

    The seeds of the end of civilization are here. This crap will infect every generation more and more until it all collapses because nothing can get done if people can only deal with another person who is an exact clone. The West will be bulldozed over by other belief systems out there that don’t give a shit about anyone’s special snowflake status.

    • avatar Cato I, Emperor of Mars says:

      It’s the end of civilization if we don’t reject it. The more I think on it, the more I come to the conclusion that it isn’t something that we should be taking as seriously we do. Point and laugh at the absurdity of it. Make fun of it. Shame and ridicule it. That’s an Alinsky principle, but Twain got there a hundred years before he did in The Mysterious Stranger: Laughter is humanity’s greatest weapon. A colossal humbug may only be pushed back and forth by inches, but laughter can blow it to rags and atoms at a blast.

      Genders are not serious business, genders are nothing but pronoun tenses for biological sexes. There are only two biological sexes. The rest is just a bunch of sexually confused metrosexuals all having a dick-measuring contest, except the prize is being the prettiest princess.

  2. avatar Cato I, Emperor of Mars says:

    I just thought of something the other day in one of my other guises, figured I’d share it. This whole genders thing? It’s a religion. They’re assigning a sex to the soul which can be different than (and overrides) the sex of the body. There’s no science here, no reason, just emotionalist nonsense designed to appeal to people who don’t fit in to a world that’s been increasingly tailored to make people not fit in.

    There’s two significant ways to fight this, that come from that realization. The first way is to wedge the atheists and the special snowflake genders types, by pointing out the fact that it is a religious belief, and ask how they can reconcile something so emotional without a shred of evidence backing it up with their belief structure, then point out the hypocrisy of attacking others for doing the same with different beliefs.

    The second method is to point out that trying to make their gender crap into law constitutes a law respecting the establishment of religion, and is expressly forbidden under the separation of church and state. Get popcorn, sit back, watch the impotent rage.

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