The Hot New Gender: Three Cats Fused Together

     With the near infinite number of “genders”, anything can be considered a “gender” by mentally ill special little snowflakes.

     I don’t understand this.  I don’t want to understand this.  Just having seen this requires that I comfort myself with saner and far more sober words, to whit: The Necronomicon.

Pictured: The Necronomicon

     A little mood music:

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1 Response to The Hot New Gender: Three Cats Fused Together

  1. avatar Emperor Cato says:

    If you can choose to be something you’re not, and that’s to be taken as true and beyond criticism no matter how insane…

    Then choose to be an Emperor, then decree that the people with special snowflake genders are a bunch of emotionally unstable narcissists crying for attention. They can’t argue with you, because being an Emperor is your identity.

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