The Ocean is Now a Gender

     An arosexual bigender otherkin with multiple personalities who uses sea/sear/seaself pronouns.

     Why “sea” pronouns?  because this special little snowflake’s genders are “space” and “ocean.”

     Click for full sized screenshot.

     A little mood music:

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One Response to The Ocean is Now a Gender

  1. avatar Emperor Cato says:

    The problem with the gender situation is that it’s one hell of a slippery slope. Once a person starts believing that their chosen identity label trumps empirical data that you can gain with the 5 senses and the assistance of scientific instruments, there’s no limit on what they can claim as an identity. Nothing is too crazy for them. You can claim to be a fruit fly mistakenly born human, and come up with your own BS pronouns, and nobody can call you out on it, because doubleplusungood cishet hate monger, etc.

    At some point, a reasonable person goes “that’s too far”. These guys? They don’t. The rabbithole goes all the way down. Thus shall I continue to identify as an Emperor by divine right, and decree that the whole thing is nonsense. After all, if anyone tries to contradict me, they are oppressing me for my identity.