An Agender Panromantic Asexual Oriental Short Clawed Zombie Otter in a Quasiplatonic Relationship

     The latest special little snowflake describes “vaer-self” with a laundry list of delusions and mental illnesses:

  • I’m agender, meaning I don’t have a gender basically, and I have severe dysphoria.
  • I’m panromantic asexual and on the aromantic spectrum
  • I’m in a quasiplatonic relationship with this adorable doe who I love more than anything <33
  • I’m an oriental short clawed otter therian and also a zombie. I explain both of those things in more detail in my FAQ page.
  • I’m autistic, and I have anxiety disorder (general and social), chronic tic disorder, chronic migraines, and I’m psychotic with lots of delusions (mostly paranoia-based). I’m also a trauma-based system and have disordered eating.
  • How “strong” each special interest is changes frequently, but they’re mainly various video games, animes, or movies. Currently, they’re Ib and In the Flesh.
  • I also like Neopets, a few animes (especially Free!, Hetalia, Deadman Wonderland, and Black Butler), and a few video games (especially Spyro the Dragon, multiple RPGs, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and The Darkest Faerie)
  • Seijuurou Mikoshiba (Free!), Senji Kiyomasa (DMWL), Garry (Ib), and The Mangle (FNaF) are my problematic favs
  • Simon/Kieren (ITF) is my OTP
  • Music wise, I love Steam Powered Giraffe, Lou Reed, and (pre-80s) David Bowie
  • I’m INTJ and a Sagittarius. Also I love to write and NaNoWriMo is my favorite thing. Here’s my writing blog!


     In full:

     Unsurprisingly, out little autistic zombie otter self-describes as a “loser.”

     No kid, you just need mental help…

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