Yes, It Does Have Something To Do With Islam

     The gunman who is responsible for the death of two innocents during the Sydney siege was a “Muslim Cleric & Peace Activist” who displayed an Islamic flag during the siege, and openly sides with the Islamic State, demanded the flag of the Islamic State, and even went so far as to demand recognition of the siege as an attack by the Islamic State.

     That the gunman was a known danger was failure enough, but Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declared that the Islamic State doesn’t have anything to do with Islam, and thus the siege had nothing to do with Islam.

     One is free to argue that the gunman’s and the Islamic State’s view of Islam is “not true Islam.”  But it is at best disingenuous, at best, so say that forces that declare themselves an Islamic State, who want to impose their view of proper Islamic Law, and openly declare that they are fighting for Islam, while waving a flag with the statement of Islamic faith AND the Insignia of the founder of Islam, somehow has nothing to do with Islam.

     Sydney is hardly alone in suffering both a terrorist motivated by his interpretation on Islam, nor alone in suffering politically correct nonsense.

     Rather than consider this politically incorrect possibility, some people reflexively blamed the siege on… non-Muslim Australians.  The hashtag #IllRideWithYou exploded over social media under the assumption that the greatest threat was not by actual madmen who kill in the name of Allah, but by Australians who might look at Muslims oddly.

     Of course, there was no threat.  The story used to push the #IllRideWithYou hashtag was false and admitted to be so.

     The truth of the matter is that the greatest threat to Muslims… is from the very same type of radical jihadi that was responsible for the Sydney siege.  Just recently, the Taliban took “revenge” on Malala Yousafzai, a Muslim girl who just wanted to go to school, by killing nearly seven score innocent school children and their teacher.

     Perhaps the best way to protect Muslims is by going after the violent maniac Jihadis that are targeting both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, rather then protect those Jihadis by blaming non-Muslims who bend over backwards to be tolerant and accepting?

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