Quick Takes – Wacky Tabacky, INGSOC Rises in Britain, and Lena Dunham is a Moron

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Not in their right mind.

     First, a little mood movie:

     Carrying on…

     Remember how pot smoking hippies were supposed to be all into nature and stuff, like these crying hippies below:

     Turns out that those wonderful marijuana farmers are anything but:

“Detective Chandler Baird of the Humboldt County Sheriff showed KPIX 5 how growers are clear-cutting 100 year old redwoods, leveling hills and sucking dry rivers that are already stricken by drought. Not to mention the violence.

“‘We do come across a lot of firearms, we have deputies that have gotten into shootings before in these grows,’ said Baird. ‘Some of the ones I have shown you today are definitely known drug trafficking organizations.’

“So who are these new gold diggers? Where do they come from? ‘All 50 states, Latin America, Asia, Bulgaria,’ said Baird.

“We asked, why Bulgaria? ‘There’s a lot of money to be made in marijuana,’ said Baird. ‘It’s a modern day green rush.'”

     Yah, real peaceful.  De facto legalization solves sooo many crimes against the world…

     Speaking of crimes against the world and against humanity, the U.K. will, if the Conservatives are re-elected to the government, ban predicted extremists from social media, TV, events, &c.

“Extremists will have to get posts on Facebook and Twitter approved in advance by the police under sweeping rules planned by the Conservatives.

“They will also be barred from speaking at public events if they represent a threat to ‘the functioning of democracy’, under the new Extremist Disruption Orders.”

Sound bad?  It’s worse than you think:

“Under the Tories’ new proposals, groups that cannot currently be proscribed could be subject to banning orders should ministers ‘reasonably believe’ that they intend to incite religious or racial hatred, to threaten democracy or if there is a pressing need to protect the public from harm, either from a risk of violence, public disorder, harassment or other criminal acts.”

     Big Brother is ever so vigilant…

     Lena Dunham, a sad and pathetic excuse for a human being, seems to think that mere voting is the paragon of citizenship.  Kevin D. Williamson objects:

“Miss Dunham, reflecting celebrity culture at large, makes a fetish of voting, and it is easy to see why: Voting is the most shallow gesture of citizenship there is, the issuance of a demand — a statement that ‘this is how the world should be,’ as Miss Dunham puts it — imposing nothing in the way of reciprocal responsibility. Power without responsibility — Stanley Baldwin would not have been surprised that Miss Dunham and likeminded celebrities think of voting in terms of their sex lives. Miss Dunham, in an earlier endorsement of Barack Obama, compared voting in the presidential election to losing one’s virginity — you want it to be someone special. Understood that way, voting is nothing other than a reiteration of the original infantile demand: ‘I Want!'”

     Once, voting was the honor of those entrusted with it, to act as stewards of the state.  Now, it is just a way of forcing one’s will upon others.


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