The Battle for Free Thought and the Weapons of Words

     Author Sarah Hoyt discussed how if you control speech, you control what people thing. If speech is not free, our thoughts are not free. If out thoughts are not free, then we are not free.

“I don’t care how noble a side sounds, how profoundly urgent its benevolent message, if they say ‘this you cannot think. This you cannot read. This you cannot even consider’ they are a tyranny in the making. If they get power over you and yours soon you’ll find that it’s ‘This air you cannot breathe.’

“They are also unsure of their logical appeal and their ability to withstand the market place of ideas. Otherwise, why ban certain thoughts and ideas and points of view?

“This is why ‘political correctness’ is a bad thing, because it takes away your tools to think of things properly. If you can’t even express that men and women might be different, you surely can’t think about it.

“It is also why progressivism with its ever growing list of ‘forbidden terms and words’ because of racist sexist and imperialist bad thought (brown bag, really?) is a tyranny in the making.”

     Sadly, this tyranny is clothed in “justice”:

“The SJWs aren’t for equality or inclusion or any of that grand stuff. They’re not even for upending the ‘scales of privilege’ which at any rate haven’t been as described for at least fifty years.

“They are for one thing only ‘Do as we say, and enshrine us as arbiters of all that’s right and just.’

“Because their ‘system’ of competing victimhoods is so confusing and irrational, they need someone to tell you when and how to discriminate, and whether a black handicapped straight woman has precedence over a Muslim, communist, gay guy. These hierarchies change, too, depending on whim and whatever comes from the top.

“So you need to constantly pay attention to the ‘voices from above’ to know what to think and believe. And even the wrong word you didn’t know was wrong — ‘lady’ — can get you attacked by people who are keeping up with the SJW diktats.

“Which means there must be SJWs in charge, and they must be listened to constantly. IOW they get power to tell you what to do, what to think, what to read and what to believe. Read or believe the wrong thing, and the pack descends on you like the red brigades on a deviationist.”

     Out choice is clear:

“The two sides are as follows:

“They’re the would be slave masters; we’re the free men, holding two middle fingers aloft in their faces.

“Yours is the choice.”


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