25 Years Ago Today, The Berlin Wall Fell

     The ultimate symbol of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall, ceased to divide Berlin twenty-five years ago today, when the people of Berlin began tearing it down.

     It was the clear sign that Communism in Europe was done for.  Later that year Poland embraced the free market system and ejected Communism from its Constitution.  The Baltic states began breaking away.  Soon East Germany would dissolve and join West Germany, as Communist regimes fell throughout the Warsaw Pact, finally resulting in the fall of the USSR.

     Ronald Reagan declared that if Communists wanted peace, that they must “tear down this wall,” and they did:

     The year that the Berlin Wall would fall was actually predicted as a joke on the TV show “Laugh In”:

     A little mood music from “the ‘Hoff”:

     Or perhaps something a bit heavier:

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