The Tarheel Hydra

     The AoSHQ Decision Desk has a post about how the Democrats are playing the long game in North Carolina, in an attempt to turn this state a deep Democrat blue.

“When the dust settles, Democrat forces will have spent upwards of $70 million in the North Carolina Senate race over the 2014 cycle. While perhaps an accurate reflection of the stakes, this outsized investment has little to do with the Senate, and even less to do with Kay Hagan. Instead it marks the opening salvo of 2016- a not so subtle attempt to break the back of the GOP before the election even begins.

“The calculation is not without merit. While Carolina is no longer a requisite pick-up for GOP Senate hopes in 2014, it is absolutely imperative for their electoral math in 2016 and beyond. Republicans already have their work cut out for them in flipping swing state behemoths like Ohio and Florida- losing 15 key Tarheel votes would make for a fundamentally untenable map, dipping the red state base below the electoral college Mendoza line, and driving a preemptive stake through the heart of GOP presidential fortunes. While a weary Carolinian electorate will likely respond to the late barrage with a shrug, the diminishing returns are a collateral cost of what would be a priceless psychological victory. Even in the likely event of a Republican Senate takeover, losses in North Carolina (and Kansas) would put a damper on an otherwise triumphant night, belie any consideration of a ‘wave,’ and allow Dems to credibly crow about winning the expectations game while pivoting to talk of 2016.

“None of this is to say that Dems have given up on the majority- their investments in field operations and ruthless attacks on GOP challengers may still bear fruit. But given the choice between salvaging the Senate and planting the blue flag in North Carolina, the progressive braintrust is placing a $30 million bet on the latter, unequivocally playing the long game. Make no mistake- this is has increasingly little to do with 51 in ’14 and everything to do with 270 in ’16.”

     Frighteningly, this goes deeper than that has been going on for far longer. They have formed a Progressive hydra of organizations dead set on mutating the state into a hard-core Leftist paradise, most likely due to North Carolina narrowly going for Obama in ’08, and the growth of the tech triangle area.

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