The Modern Politically Correct U.S. Military: Making Ernst Röhm’s Dream Come True

     Last month was “Gilbert” month for the U. S. Military.  What is “Gilbert” month?  Gilbert is GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered).  This is not merely a celebration of tolerance, but mandatory acceptance and celebration of the imposition of the morality of the few on the many.

     The Obama administration is making it clear: There will be no tolerance; only outright acceptance.  Not even staying silent will save you!  The military is no exception, and it is being made clear to the soldiers who have been specifically instructed:

“If you are not on board with this program, there is no place in the military for you.”

     People who disagree with the administration and the Progressive views of sexuality and gender are but second class citizens, who are not fit to serve, or even exercise their Constitutional rights.

     If a modern version of M*A*S*H were made today, Corporal Klinger wouldn’t cross-dress to get discharged from the Army, he’d just have to say he voted against Prop. 8.

     The memo can be read below:

2013 LGBT Pride Month Announcement Memo

"I've never been prouder"

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