Free Government Choom

     In Colorado, EBT cards are not allowed to be used in casinos, liquor stores, or gun shops.  However, thanks to Colorado Democrats, EBT cards may now be used in… Marijuana stores.

“The Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee voted 3-2 along party lines against a GOP proposal to add marijuana shops to the list of places where recipients of public assistance can’t use their government-issued EBT cards to access cash.”

     The reason that they gave for allowing those on public assistance to access your tax dollars at a dispensary?  Some neighborhoods have more dispensaries than they do banks!  Yet, this excuse isn’t good enough for liquor stores or gun shops, which unlike Marijuana, are perfectly legal under the Federal law, with the latter being protected by the 2nd Amendment!

     We’ve gotten to the point where we are subsidizing poor people’s drug habits.  Remind us all who “hates the poor”?

     A little mood music:

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2 Responses to Free Government Choom

  1. avatar Despsier says:

    Can conservatives not go one day without bringing up POT. Just ONE… I think the GOP is addicted to POT. They cant help exuding moral authority over others on this issue and as such CONSTANTLY bring it up in every sentence. This makes you all look like hypocrites. How small of a Govt can you really have if you have a Pot policeman in every bedroom? You all act is is this is the most important issue facing America today… Pot has been readily available and always will be because its a WEEEEEEEED…

    When some Pot snorting stoner throws you to the ground then rams a Bong into your mouth and forces you to inhale then come back and talk to me. I will fight the Pot snorting stoner to the death. Till then STFU you sound like Libidiots shoving Global Warming up everyones butt without a scintilla of evidence…

    • avatar The Political Hat says:

      My issue is that they ban the use of EBT cards at other perfectly legal places such as gun stores but allow it at marijuana stores. It is the hypocrisy that irks me.

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