Another Success in Socialized Medicine

     The “superiority” of socialized healthcare has yet again been shown in that paragon of socialism Sweden, where the public socialized healthcare is so wondereful, Swedes are going out of their way to secure private health insurance.


     Because getting a life saving operation within weeks thanks to private insurance is better than having to wait a year under socialized healthcare.

     As reported by The Local:

“‘It’s quicker to get a colleague back to work if you have an operation in two weeks’ time rather than having to wait for a year,’ privately insured Anna Norlander told Sveriges Radio on Friday. ‘It’s terrible that I, as a young person, don’t feel I can trust the health care system to take care of me.’

“The insurance plan guarantees that she can see a specialist within four working days, and get a time for surgery, if needed, within 15.

“In December, the queues in the Swedish health care system pushed the country down a European ranking of healthcare.

“‘Why can Albania operate its healthcare services with practically zero waiting times, and Sweden cannot?’ the report authors from the Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP) organization in Brussels asked”

     Perhaps Albania just doesn’t have the spare cash to feed a bloated bureaucracy?

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