Experto Crede: The Science is Settled

     The following guest post was received from the well known ancient scientist Claudius Ptolemy via Michel de Nostredame’s scrying bowl.

Pictured: Eminent Scientist Claudius Ptolomy

I have been informed, by the local haruspex that a periodically written compendium of scientific knowledge called “Popular Science” will no longer allow ignorant whelps to comment on its august pronunciations.

I am fully in support of this!

To allow valuable a valuable series of tubes that are somehow involved in disseminating knowledge to be clogged by such doubters of science.  Some type of “climate change” is happening in the future and the science is apparently settled.

Why, allowing such ridiculous comments would be like allowing fools to suggest that the Earth revolves around the Sun!  In both cases, the science is settled.

Perhaps small improvements can be made by adding epicycles here or there, but the basic facts are absolute and unquestionable.

As such, I applaud this “Popular Science” for standing up against those who would doubt them.

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