Satan is Ashamed of Abortion Protesters

     The following guest post was inadvertently obtained by playing a Wil Wheaton podcast backwards, which was even more inadvertently labeled as a Paul Anka song…

I, the Dark Lord of Hell (and Detroit), am ashamed by the actions of certain abortion supporters down in Texas.  I am a man of wealth and taste, and the impishness of these mere mortals invoking my name to merely taunt others in a childish fashion is an insult, and makes a mockery of the legions of Hell.

My peeps out in Britain (Clement Atlee says “AAAGH!,” by the way) helped make this clear:

Seriously, don’t you think that I have better taste in minions then those whiny little posers?!

Now, please excuse me while I prepare another ironic punishment for Benjamin Spock.

     And now for a little mood music:

Update: Correct video now up.

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