“It’s Sure As Hell Intimidating”

     During a House Ways & Means Committee, Rep. Mike Kelly dished out a little straight talk about the IRS persecution of Tea Party groups.  He received a standing ovation when he was done.  Small snippets can’t do Rep. Kelly justice; his full spiel:

     Rep. Kelly is right, “It’s sure as hell intimidating”

     This scandal is just getting worse.   The IRS official in charge of these shenanigans is now running the IRS’ office in charge of Obamacare!  She will be running an office filled with union thugs that are Obama partisan.

     Worst of all was that Obama knew all about this scandal five months before the election!

     This scandal will likely end up becoming even worse than it is now.  The IRS is something that most taxpayers already fear, and this just gives them hard evidence that there is something to fear, because there IS something to fear.

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