The Child Hostage Takers of the CTU

     The President of the infamous Chicago Teachers Union, Karen Lewis, has been caught on tape recommending that teachers lie to parents as a regular course of action.

     Why does she think parents should be lied to?  Because then they can keep children “hostage,” thus allowing teachers to control students.  While some may just put this off as a way of stopping bad behavior in the classroom, it gives the teacher far more control over the child than just that, and can be easily exploited to the point of bullying and even sexual molestation.  That the government is lying to parents about their own children increases the moral repugnancy of the what Karen Lewis is encouraging her teachers to do.

     Increasingly, the schools and the government know more about a child, and exercise even more power over a child, than a parent does.  We are truly reaching the point were the state is mother and father non-gender specific parental caregiver.

     This will not end well…

     Hat Tip: Crusader Rabbit.

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