Newark Mayor Cory Booker Tries To Eliminate Senior Citizen Politically… With A Smile

     Newark Mayor and crypto-Progressive Cory Booker is ramping-up towards his eventual run for the U. S. Senate in 2014. The only problem is that New Jersey already has an incumbent Democrat in the seat: Frank Lautenberg, who had retired previously, only to be substituted for the scandal plagued Sen. Torricelli under questionable legality.

     While Booker comes across as a personable everyman, he has previously let it slip that he is a radical Progressive who supports a twisted view of “justice.” He even manages to praise the man that he wants to push aside in order to satisfy his own lust for power:

     Hem and haw as much as he wants, his singular desire for that U. S. Senate seat as a stepping stone towards the absolute power that the Presidency would give him, is clear.

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