Drill Baby Drill!: Oil Discovered in Nevada

     Drillers in Nevada have found what they call “an ocean of oil” in Hot Creek Valley in central Nevada, east of Tonopah. Initial data suggest a pool of 187 million barrels, though billions of barrels may be possible, including pools of light sweet crude, and comes from chainman shale thicker that of Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.

Drill Baby Drill

     With continuously improving detection and drilling technologies, this discovery has the potential to change Nevada for the better.  Aside from the tax revenue (that the idiots in Carson City will undoubtedly squander), a truly rich and accessible pool of oil would provide jobs and otherwise help the economy in a way that is exclusive on Nevada’s dependency on gambling.

     Undoubtedly, oil wealth would be a threat to Sen. Harry Reid.  Not only would a highly rich pool of light sweet crude oil mean that there would be a counter to the strength of the Harry Reid political machine, but it would run counter to the disastrous “Renewable Energy” schemes he and Obama have had.  This would be an incentive to oppose Harry Reid and his political machine.

     Well, I can but at least hope for the best!

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