Class Warfare Doesn’t Apply To The Nomenklatura

     The stakes for this upcoming election are high.  No one knows this better than those who escaped from the Communist block when “equality” meant equality of suffering… Nomenklatura excepted.  I will always remember the words I heard years ago, now, from a scientist who had escaped from Communist Bulgaria, and then remarked about Obamacare and what the Obama administration & Democratic Congress were doing:

“How could you let this happen here?  This is socialism; this is communism.  I know; I lived under it for forty years!  We were invaded and had it imposed on us; we didn’t have a choice – you do.  Why are you letting this happen?”
—A scientist from a former East-bloc country who became an American citizen a few years ago

     This has been echoed by Thomas Terffy, who fled from Communist Hungary and earned his wealth much like a 20th century Andrew Carnegie.  He, spending his own honestly earned money, has been putting out election advertisements warning of the potential costs:

     Sadly, the comments regarding this honest concern were reprehensible.  This quote probably sums it up well enough:

“Please Mr. Pefferty – get a life and go study social sciences. You obviously have no idea what socialism is.”

     The idiotic delusions of what socialism truly is, is shared by far too many useful idiots — their minds raped by the Public Education monopoly that is, and continues to, poison the minds of youth decade upon decade.  This idiocy can most clearly be shown when it is confronted by those who lived under Communism, and know better:

     Unsurprisingly, these “enemies of the wealth” have no problem with money being stolen from the people to fill the pockets of political cronies.  These so-called guardians of the Earth never complain about the ultra-wealthy not only being wealthy, but also having an exorbitant amount of power in the non-hierarchical eco-democracy that the idiot Hippie/Occupy types wish to build.  Probably the biggest benefactor of being part of the Politically Correct Nomenklatura is former Vice-President Al Gore.

     Clearly, it is perfectly acceptable to waste energy and become immensely wealthy, just as long as you thought the proper Progressive bromides.  If you disagree, then Al Gore will destroy you.

Al Gore destroy!!1!

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