The Irrelevance Of Innocence

     Recently, a pregnant nurse in New York was accused of stealing a rental bike from a young Black man. She was doxxed, suspended from work, and otherwise vilified by millions online when a video of this incident went viral. Except the truth was the exact opposite—she had paid for the bike and had the receipts to prove it.

     Yet, the punishment can’t be undone. But why was this false narrative pushed to begin with?

     The actual guilt or innocence is irrelevant—the narrative must be maintained that Whites are always oppressors and Black always victims, and that it is “racist” to think otherwise.   The reason for pushing this lie as a “greater truth”, aside from ratings and petty racial grifting, is at least threeford, and all involve the concept of restorative justice.

     The first reason is the idea of the collective soul, and how all Whites from anyplace or any time share their sin as oppressors, and Blacks similarly for their virtue as victims.   Even if the she as an individual were innocent in this case, she is till guilty because White’s share equally in their guilt. She gains from the collective benefit from past discrimination, so false accusations and punishments therefrom serves to punish White people for their collective sin.

     Secondly, by pushing this lie they assert a broader “truth”, because it is resistance to the oppressive narrative that Black men are criminals and White women are the victims, thus attacking that oppression narrative. A White woman attacking a Black boy presents a counter-narative that, even if itself is false, destroys that oppressive narrative and thus presents a greater truth than the truth by denigrating the oppressive narrative.

     Thirdly, since all Whites benefit from a “system of oppression”, even if individual White is innocent, anything that punishes them helps counter the “system” and thus must be good and liberating (which itself is its own truth), all independent from any collective soul or shared guilt.

     Good and bad, then, have nothing to do with whether something in and of itself is good or bad, but whether it attacks or sustains the “system of oppression” and the “privilege” of the collective dominating groups.

     Thus is how “racial justice” is implemented.

     A little “bike” mood music:

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