Victims of Communism Day, 2023

     Today is Victims of Communism Day. It is also “May Day,” where “useful idiots” march and demonstrate in free countries, while those who have to actually live under Communism are made to march lest they face dire consequences.

     A Victims of Communism Museum is operating in the former Soviet occupied territory that is Estonia.

“The International Museum for The Victims of Communism in Tallinn is the first global institution to be developed and built with a focus on examining the international crimes of communism through objective, fact-based research.

“The International Museum for the Victims of Communism and Research Centre of Communist Crimes is to be established in former Patarei prison (Tallinn, the capital of Estonia), led by the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory with the support of the Government of Estonia and leading remembrance institutions in Europe and beyond.”

     You can learn more here.

     In Pace, Requiescat.

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