Banned: The “G” Word

     The “N” word is now no longer the most politically incorrect offensive term ever. The new word that shall now be verboten is “groomer”.   The claim is that “groomer” is being used as a slur against all LGBTQ&c. people, and both Twitter and Reddit will ban the word… despite some homosexual groups who are against child grooming decrying labeling an actual “groomer” a “groomer”.

     It’s almost as if the woke queer movement does believe that LGBTQ&c. necessitatesgrooming” children into LGBTQ&c. and “cracking the egg”.

“‘Gays Against Groomers stands firmly against Reddit’s decision to censor the word “groomer” from their platform as an anti-LGBT slur,’ they wrote.

“‘Equating the word ‘groomer’ as an inherently anti-LGBTQ+ slur,’ they continued, ‘asserts that ‘LGBTQ+’ automatically implies “groomer,” which is an insult to the millions of us within the community who strongly oppose the sexualization and ideological indoctrination of children.’”

     It’s almost as if some people are using LGBTQ&c. as an excuse and a shield to defend their predatory actions!

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