Ain’t No Cure For The Manichean View

     Good governance requires sober consideration of the facts and judicial application of a conservative governing philosophy. Even in private life, sober consideration of facts and a judicial application of one’s own beliefs, is a sane and rational way of living one’s life.

     Exasperated by social media, far too often people not only take a knee-jerk response, but become so opposed to any dissent that they will accept more extreme positions they wouldn’t have ever considered before. It is a stupid form of tribalism that traps people into a starkly manichean worldview.

     Your humble author had decided to ignore any Corona-chan related “hot takes” back in 2020. However, this does not mean idiocy brought up by, but not directly about Covid, ought to be ignored, but rather it ought to be noted.

     The refusal to recognize any downside to a position, ironically, helps push people to the other manichean camp by alienating some people who’d otherwise agree with you on one point or another.

     Thus we get to the point of not arguing which side is really right, but which side is wrong and should be opposed no matter what.

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