Modern Education: Cross-Dressing Lingerie Lap Dance Pageant

     Wonder why so many are hell bent on stopping parents from having any say in what the schools are doing with their children? Wonder no further.

“A Kentucky school district confirmed on Wednesday it is investigating social media posts of a homecoming event showing male teenagers in skimpy clothing giving lap dances to school staff, including the principal. ”

     The Principal was involved. Oh, he is also the local Mayor.

“A thread about the Hazard High School events on the social media site Reddit titled led ‘This is the mayor of my town being grinded on by a high school student dressed as a woman’ has more than 450 comments and 7,600 upvotes on the website.

“Aster Sizemore, a board member for Hazard Independent Schools, said he was at the high school Tuesday but not at the event where the questionable activity occurred.

“‘Normally, the principal, Happy Mobelini, is pretty dad-gum strict, so that surprises me, unless someone pulled something out of a hat,” Sizemore told The Courier Journal. ‘A kid comes to school with a short dress, you know, he makes them go home and change.’”

     The school also posted pictures from this event.

     We could do worse than shut down the public schools… could and are.

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