Social & Emotional Indoctrination

     With states banning the teaching such things as collective racial guilt or that one is morally inferior because of their race, attention has been drawn to Critical Race Theory. While some have challenged that these teachings are not Critical Race Theory, others simply say that they don’t teach Critical Race Theory but rather more innocuous sounding things as “diversity, inclusion, and equity” or “racial sensitivity training”. Now we can add “social and emotional learning training” to this list of euphamism: A listerner to radio host Erick Erickson (who said “you will be made to care”) has received proof that this “training” indeed involves the assertion that racism is systemic and that “implicit bias” is ubiquitous and oppressive even without intent, all in the form of a book being actively used for this “social and emotional learning training”:

     The purveyors of these odious beliefs try to hide their gnostic philosophy and use euphemisms in their indoctrination. We must, then shed an illuminating light upon, and draw attention to, all of this wickedness.

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