Defining The Term: “Transgender Child”

     The Left is fond of playing “Humpty Dumpty” with words, including appropriating words used to describe one thing and applying it to another and then exploiting that ambiguity.   In general, such ambiguity can allow for a “Motte & Bailey” fallacy to trick people during discussions or debates.   And sometimes, two plus two must equal either three or five, or sometimes both at the same time; this is the case when they use the term “transgender child”.

“Sometimes, this term refers to a child who does not conform to sex-based stereotypes. Instead of leaving said child alone to experiment with toys and outfits as is only natural for children to do, the users of this term prefer to project an adult ideology onto him or her, then confuse him or her by saying that he or she really is the opposite sex.

“Other times, ‘transgender child’ refers to a gender-dysphoric young person — that is, a child who has clinically significant feelings of distress associated with his or her sexed body. In that case, instead of loving and accepting that child as he or she truly is, and providing him or her with safe and ethical psychological and emotional support, the users of this term prefer to set him or her on a pathway to irreversible harm at an age when he or she cannot possibly consent to permanent medical and surgical changes.”

     This is why it is always important to make sure that the Left defines its terms, and is made to stick to it.

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