Whither The Latino Vote?

     One of the demographic groups that Donald Trump has been polling well with as of late is the Latino/Hispanic vote. There have been many reasons put forth for this including poor outreach by the Biden campaign, the effect of incumbency, a dislike for economic socialism as peddled by the Democrats, and the economy—which is still fairly good considering the impact of Corona-chan.

     But perhaps there is another reason that is the result of an “own goal” for the Left: The combination of unintended “intersectionalism” in “Critical Race Theory” with the #BlackLivesMatter riots/revolutions. “Intersectionality” is usually used with the intersection of different traits (e.g. race and gender), and is used to describe how the “Kyriarchy”, enforces “Whiteness”, heteronormativity, &c. by getting, for example, a White woman to oppress Black males with White privilege while Black males oppress White women with The Patriachy™ and both oppress Black Women who are doubly oppressed by the intersection of race and gender. This, of course, creates a hierarchy of oppression with those with “kyriarchical” traits being seen as having “privilege” and thus “oppressors” and morally inferior to those who are “oppressed” and thus justified in opposing the axiomatic oppressors. This has the effect of making two White “cis-males” who are Gay less morally pure than Black trans biologiccal females who are genderqueer.

     However, within the category of race, differentiations based on race, even absent other “intersectional” elements, due to the question of who is more “oppressed” and thus more morally empowered. With the rise of #BlackLivesMatter that rejects the idea that “All lives matter” to the point that no other lives matter until “Black Lives Matter”, the narrative from “Critical Race Theory” of a rainbow coalition of “persons of color” fighting against “White supremacy” is flipped into non-Blacks vs. a Blacks-first movement.

     Perhaps that alone would not matter much, but when #BlackLivesMatter protests turn into riots and nascent revolutions that target everyone, including people who are under the broad terms of “Hispanic” or “Latino”, said targeted people tend to not find their businesses and workplaces being torched and looted or themselves harassed very “liberating” and perhaps a greater threat than a “White supremacy” that doesn’t torch and loot their businesses and workplaces or harass them like the #BlackLivesMatter related rioters are known to do. That Antifa wannabe revolutionaries tend to be overwhelmingly “persons of pallor” just ads to the idea that perhaps maybe, juuust maybe, White Leftists stirring up revolutionary chaos and nascent repression more typically seen in Latin America for the sake first and foremost of American Blacks is perhaps not the best way to fight against any discrimination or potential oppression against themselves.

     The Left can blame the boogie-man only so far.

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